Epic Eagle HUD Heads Up Display

Epic Eagle HUD


The Epic Eagle HUD is available now for purchase and hands-on demonstration at Banyan Pilot Shop — Or buy online at Epic Optix and use code banyan for free shipping.

FIRST FLIGHT FEELING: Taking General Aviation Safety to the Next Level

Do you remember your first flight: the freedom, the thrill, the adventure?

The Epic Eagle HUD allows you to experience the beauty and exhilaration of flight by minimizing distractions. It gives you critical flight and navigation information without taking your eyes away from the sky.

Heads Up, Eyes Out

The ULTIMATE Situational Awareness Cockpit in high definition and full color. Soaring with the Epic Eagle:

  • Places all critical safety of flight information right in front of your eyes, without looking down in the cockpit.
  • Improves situational awareness related to conflicting traffic and other potential hazards throughout all phases of flight: the same reason military and commercial pilots use HUDs.
  • Reduces potential vertigo through elimination of head movement in IFR conditions.
  • Provides earlier approach stabilization and visualization of intended point of touchdown.
King Air taking off

The Epic Eagle is available for in person demonstration and purchase at Banyan Pilot Shop

Engineered To Improve Safety During All Phases Of Flight

Universal Interoperability

The Epic Eagle connects to any iOS or Android device to display navigation system information such as altitude, airspeed, vertical speed indicator, and angle-of-attack without requiring a pilot to constantly scan instruments. With appropriate hardware and software, the Epic Eagle will not only display typical flight data, but also instrument approach and glidepath data, airport information, traffic and hazard awareness—all in full color HD, right in front of your eyes. This one device will improve any pilot’s mastery of the air.

Visual Flight Rules

The Eagle gives you the ability maintain a heads up and eyes out position throughout all VFR phases of flight. Basic flight information (e.g. altitude, airspeed and vertical speed) can be available for display at all times.

Instrument Flight Rules

Transitioning from heads up to heads down during IFR flight can create many potential problems. Epic Eagle eliminates the need for these transitions, keeping you up and out all the whole flight. In addition to basic flight information, navigation, approach & airport information are available along with glide slope and path. A velocity vector can be used to make instrument approaches to landing easier.

Instrument Flight Rules

The Eagle can assist you in setting the best combination of angle-of-attack and power to maximize your fuel efficiency and speed while cruising.